Swap out Tanaka for Husq??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by CRUZMISL, Jan 16, 2013.


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    Hi All,
    Found a decent deal on some Husqvarna trimmers (128DJX) and a Husq handheld blower (125BVX). I was looking to replace my aging Tanaka equipment so I bought it. Saved significant money over replacing with Tanaka. I got it all and everything starts easy, appears well built and seem to run well but I can't tell if they have enough power or not. The things are damned quiet! They don't "seem" as powerful but it could be due to less noise. To make things worse, there's snow on the ground so I really can't test them out.

    Any ideas or opinions? Is the Husqvarna stuff good for commerical applications or is it more inline with "prosumer" equipment?

  2. ashgrove landscaping

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    Husky trimmers are some of the best, that's all i run, but i never heard of that model. Is it a 4 stroke? I run the 326's
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    I like husky handhelds, going forward this will be my brand of choice after years with echo. The 128djx I believe is a homeowner grade trimmer, should still hold up if owner operated. Or go out and buy a commercial grade model by husky and use the 128 as a back up. The 128 would be a good back up piece since it accepts attachments like the edger, hedge trimmer, and pole saw. Those attachments will be alot cheaper than the offerings by stihl and echo. Are those attachments as good as stihl, probably not. But for occasional use you won't have so much money tied up in it.
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    I think it may be a homeowner model now that I look at it but I need a split boom unit. I'm small and don't want to have to buy separate equipment if I can help it.

    I also need a blower that has the vac capability. My people get po'ed if I just blow it around. They want it taken away.....pita but they pay me so I do it.
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    Look's like I am going with all new Husqvarna MZ6128,LGT2654,580BTS blower,224L trimmer,HU800AWD with 4 wheeldrive .http://www.husqvarna.com/us/press-listing/husqvarna-launches-rugged-all-wheel-drive-mower/

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