Swapping from weekly bill pay to flat rate......need a little help

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by UrbanGreen, Mar 8, 2008.

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    Here is my situation..... When I got started in the bus. I had a business partner who insisted on charging on a per cut basis. Well he screwed me over and so I bought his half and have been solo for about 3yrs. Now I would really like to get my customers on either 8,10, or 12 month flat rate billing. I am also changing my business name as well. So couple questions
    1. Is changing the business name and trying to get people to sign some kind of service agreement all at once a bad idea? If its not I am not sure on how to really go about it without seeming like I am coming at my customers with all kinds of new stuff. Plus the new season has pretty much started.

    2. Does anybody have suggestions on or have a copy of a residential contract that they would not mind sharing? The one I generally use for my commercial work was so detailed and long it was scaring my res. customers....so Im not sure what all I should have in it.

    All help would be appreciated!
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    If you do a search on here for "contracts" you should be able to find some example, I know there are a bunch of other threads that will help.
  3. UrbanGreen

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    Yep I have gone thru a lot of the threads but couldnt find any good examples of contracts. Plus I was still wondering peoples opinions on the first question.

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