swapping trimmer shaft...

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Springboro, OH
Hey ya,

I received a freebie the other day from a lawn customer that I've had for about the last five years. He gave me a brand new Stihl FS 75 trimmer that has been only used once (they are getting ready to move and don't need it). It's been sitting for about 3 years, but it started right up and runs great.

The only problem is that it has a curved shaft which is a PITA with me being 6 foot 5. I looked at Stihl's website and it looks like the FS 75 only comes with curved shafts on 'em.

I was wondering if it would be possible to swap a Stihl straight shaft onto it??

I don't know if the diameter of the shafts would be the same as the FS 85's or not or if it's even possible. I was thinking about maybe buying a FS 85 off ebay with a junked motor and swap the shaft??

Thanks for any suggestion