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    One of the reasons final drives fail is because of the oil, 90w is fine for excavators, but on higher speed CTL's, the oil breaks down with heat, you know when that happens, the oil smells like natural gas, that's a sign that it's done.
    Engine oil is better suited for heat because engines build up alot more heat, but the biggest factor is the metals and bearing types in final drives compared to the steel and bushing type bearings in a crank shaft, my Dad replaced the final drive oil on the PC-60's 2 years ago and they don't build up heat as much, and my old man pushes soil with the blades on those old machines like a damn freight train.
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    It's like reading a service manual but on the computer and Ron is the narrator. Pretty cool Ron.
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    I'm going to come clean the reason my final failed was because I kept saying "oh I will check the oil next week" well it didn't have any oil in it other then paste so the bearings seized up and that was all she wrote. I'm just not sure on something so important, if engine oil was better then why didn't deere spec it? I know my kodiak trans gets smokin hot and it runs 90w gear lube in it? Same thing in the rear. Why don't I put engine oil in them?
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    The reason you don't use engine oil in your finals is because engine oil does not have the same additive package as does gear oil. I would never put engine oil in finals. I use what they call for in weight and use synthetic when the oem fluid is due for replacement. Using engine oil is a mistake I think.
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    Cat probably recommends 10w oil (engine).

    The only difference bettween engine oil and gear lube is gear lube is sticky it clings to the gears.

    Geez Ron you have all kinds of health problems. Hyper tension, diabetes and a wolf man.

    Anyhow no giving yourself a bender working too hard. You probably have a little bit of dutch stubborness :laugh:
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    You don't get anywhere in life if you don't work hard, I was always taught to think about your final days lying on your death bed, do you really want to reflect back on your life and say "I spent lots of time sitting on my ass watching life go by" or "I worked my ass off and got huge payouts for all my work".

    Besides, it seems in our family, we live longer if we work harder, Dad is 64 this October, and he still works like he is 40.

    I'll get back to it after I finish my coffee.
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    Very cool Ron. A lot of good info from all your posts (well mostly, could do without the quips about tube socks ;-).
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    Well did you get your tracks back on ?

    I thought you tore one of your tracks and it needs replacing.

    Myself I can't do what I used to beable too. My back isn't in the best of shape too much heavy lifting and I do have problems with my knees and I have sciatica problems. Lots of fun especially when your only 33 and you can step the wrong way and your back goes out. But that is from working too hard and pushing yourself to the limits.

    When I used to haul lumber your loading and unloading the truck by hand by yourself. Used to load 400lb wood beams myself.

    Over working yourself never pays off you end up with a screwed up body that you will pay for the rest of your life. Back pain is horrible the chiropractor said I was one step away from a wheel chair. Thats what happens when your stubborn and do things yourself with no help.
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    I am done now, yes.

    Took me another 2 hours of sweat and sugary drinks, but they are both on now.
    Don't give me any sh*t about the John Deere weights on a Cat, I got them for a steal last year.

    120 pounds in the center, ASV recommends 100 pounds, so I just tighten them up to 1/2" for 120 pounds rather than 1/4" for 100 pounds for side hills.

    The video I put together last night:

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    4 hours?!? Good lord old man.
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