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  1. Tunica

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    If your shirts and pants are fading try this.
    When you first buy your clothes throw them in the wash with two cups of white vinegar no detergent wash normal the vinegar (sp) will lock in the color to the fabric. It last for along time
  2. SoEasy

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    I got Champion brand long sleeve running shirts from Target on clearance for $4.00 each. They are made of similar light weight material as Under Armor, the call it DuoDry. An added bonus is that they are neon orange for good visibility and light reflection.
  3. recycledsole

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    when they see you working really hard down their on your hands and knees, sweating, covered in dirt, they are very appreciative.
  4. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I think I sweat the least of any guy I have ever met. I'll see my employee with his shirt drenched and my shirt will still look dry. Now it is nice to have that when its warm but not to warm as you look presentable much longer. However I have been known to overheat the face turns red and I get light headed but that only happens rarely so I think Ill be thankful for my native American genes.
  5. jasonhc73

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    Anything Under Armour...

    Or if you want to support the military, any PT shirt.

    Just search for moisture wicking.

  6. recycledsole

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    its great for the body to sweat
  7. wegomow

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    We use Columbia Fishing gear pants/shorts and Columbia or UA Fishing shirts. They last about a season even with repeated washings and they are fish gut proof, meaning, stain resistant. Still in July with temps here in the 90's and humidity just as high the shirts wick sweat away but since it's so darn humid they can't release the moisture. I wind up changing shirts once or twice.
  8. Kawizx62003

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    If you are real sweaty and need to talk to a customer, jump in the truck, fire up the AC for a bit! If you only have problems on the underarm side of things I have the answer...
  9. bare spot

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    if thinking of making a switch from cotton to the wicking fabric's, company called thorlos makes some really good moisture wicking socks. least i think they are, think they are great. been wearing em for yrs, don't think i could ever wear cotton socks after wearing these, might be wort a look for some.
  10. herler

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    Yeah I got moisture wicking fabrics in a category near Engine tune-up in a bottle.

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