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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cantoo, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. cantoo

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    Does anyone offer this. I just bought a rotary broom and collection system and am not sure on pricing yet. I didn't even have it home yet and the Dealer had already given my name out and I had to go look at a property tonight. Last year I used a 6' power broom on my Ransomes but it was mainly for lawn cleanup not gravel. This year the lawns are covered in sand and gravel. I wanted to practice with it so I could see how long it takes and get an idea of pricing but it's drying up too fast for that.
    Here a pic of the machine.

  2. HarryD

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    can you use it on concrete
  3. cantoo

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    Yes it can be used on concrete and pavement. The main use is for spring and fall clean up of matted down leaves and twigs. I am already having a few problems with it such as the motor to dump the bin is too weak for wet gravel I'm hoping it works better on dry. The job I looked at is 1000' of sidewalks 5' wide on a bridge. They can't get their tractor mounted sweeper on it

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