Swing Joints and Renovation

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Jan 27, 2006.

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    New parking lot was put in at one of our sites and it reduced the width in an adjacent zone from 55' to about 31' so we had to renovate. Old sprinklers were Toro 640s and we decided to use this as another MP-Rotator test area. Pictures follow in each post (1) because it makes my post count go up, (2) it's easier for others to immediately see the pictures instead of opening a link and (3) shows our swing joints in action. :p

    Here's a picture of the old sprinklers. One was left intact by the parking lot contractors down at the far end where a jog used to be. Sprinklers would now throw across a 10' wide bicycle access path and into the parking lot.

    Linwood Zone A-14 IV-01.jpg
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    The old swing joints for the 640s put in by the original irrigation contractor about 12 years ago. What a waste since these are similar to the ones we build for our QCVs. We even gave this contractor a sample swing joint and I guess he never really got the idea.

    Swing Joint IV-02.jpg
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    Swing joint off a slip fix. Partner did this one and he ran into a chunk of concrete along the mow strip. Reason why he 90ed up slightly and then set the swing joint. We always try and set the tee at an angle if we have to come up a little. After all we were changing from field sprinklers to spray pop-up bodies and sometimes things don't always work as planned.

    Swing Joint IV-04.jpg
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    A 1" line comes from under the sidewalk. Reduced to 1/2" and swing joint set.

    Swing Joint IV-03.jpg
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    Last one. A 1" line to where an old 640 used to be. 1" slip coupling with 1" x 1/2" reducer bushing and then swing joint. Finite!

    Swing Joint IV-05.jpg
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    I try to avoid verticle fittings like that el because It seems to me that they would be the weakest point if something heavy decided to cross.

    I still think your crazy for not using swing pipe. :)

    Also, Why not RB 1800's?
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    Me too. However, this is along a fence where the only thing that will come close to it would be the mower. This is between the mower's tire and the fence so it won't get run over.

    :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

    Nothing against them. We just have to keep the types of sprinklers we use down to a dull roar or we'd have to carry so many different sprinklers and nozzles it just wouldn't be practical.

    Like I said, this is another MP-Rotator test plot for us. If they don't perform we just go in and quickly change them out to PGJs. My main concern on this site is the pump. It takes quite some time for adequate pressure to build up on this site. The pump is also used to water an adjacent Middle School since their pump was cut out of the plans when built. They also have a booster pump on their field zones that robs all the water. These two sites cannot be watered on the same days.
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    All I have to say is....very sloppy glueing all but one pic....is that spilled glue below the pipes or water?If it's glue..I now know where my tax dollars are being spent!!
    just kiddin
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    You go girl!!! Actually it's water from the line that wasn't completely pumped out but was below the slip fix and didn't interfere. Some of the guys are not the neatest when it comes to glueing. After all, they're "only groundsworkers that don't get paid any more than the guys mowing" (Their reasoning and most times I can't disagree with the logic).

    Sometimes we can't be perfect with what we're dealing with. :)
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    New 2006-2007 pressure regulating swing joint from RainBird for 3/4" and 1" rotors. Anyone used them yet???

    Rainbird Pressure Reg Swing.jpg

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