Swing set


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Dayton, OH
I have a customer that wants me to remove and haul away a swing set from their yard. The set is about 6' x 8' and about 10' high. It could fit easily on my trailer. Any suggestions on what to charge for this? Thanks.


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We were doing a mulch job on big property. The lady aked if I knew someone to haul away big pressure treated swingset.
[ my wife & I have been looking to get one ] I told her I would haul away, and that I would fix it up myself.
myself & 1 laborer did it quickly w/ open trailer.

Went to lowes & bought new $100 slide , $20 swing & 2 gallons of red barn paint & put my daughters play house on deck.
now it looks new and would cost around $1200-1500.
but if I wasn't going to use it, I would have charged about $100 for taking it to the landfill.


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If you dont have kids then you might think about just setting it on your trailer and taking it to the salvation army or other charity of your choice. If it is in workable condition of course. If it needs paint then you might even take it to your local firehouse and see if they would like to have it as a project for toys for tots. If you read another post here then you can see that they have nothing better to do then race mowers around the parking lot. LOL
I have removed one before and donated it to charity. To me its alot better then throwing it in the dump.