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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cantoo, Jan 27, 2000.

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    Has anyone tried pulling a swisher behind a ztr? A Swisher is a pull behind mowing deck with it's own motor and rides on 4 wheels. I am pricing some schools and the hourly rate is really low and I was wondering if a Swisher pulled behind my Walker on open areas would work good. Would it pull on one hydro more than the other side? They should work good on schools because you don't have to trim close to anything the kids stomp the grass down really good around trees etc. so don't have to worry about hitting anything or getting real close. I am competing against farm tractors and 6' bush hogs, last year I didn't get it because they had never seen a mower like mine before and didn't want to try it. There is 4 jobs totaling almost 45 acres that I am bidding on. I might lie on the tender form and say I have a tractor and bush hog to get the job then show up with the Walker and see what happens.
  2. You need a 72&quot; Groundsmaster.<p>But I might be able to help you in the bidding process. If there is no trimming required and if the sites are within a<br>20 mile radius of your location I would<br>bid the job as follows:<p>My costs would be around $500. Since this<br>job would take 2 days with two men I would<br>add at least 40% gross profit markup.<br>I would not touch it for less than $850.00<br>per mowing (avg. 3 mowings per month)and I would have them pay me a<br>min. of $1700.00 per month so a three month<br>drought like the Northeast had last year<br>will not put you out of business.<p>Is that anywhere near the price that you<br>were going to submit?<p>
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    2 days w/ 2 guys is like 35-40 man/hours.<p>For $850.00?<p>I'd think that would be pretty lean.<p>Have a Toro 455-D and cut it with 1 guy in 1 day, then you could make a go of it. <p>We bill all our customers for every week. We make a service visit regardless of weekly grass growth and it's on their monthly invoice.
  4. I have the job figured at 25 hours with my<br>present equipment.<p>A 455-d was 15k+ the last time I looked.<p>By not buying a 455-D I can save enough money<br>to buy a laborer. That equals a nine foot<br>cutting width with my two man crew.<p>If you lose the contract the next year you<br>won't have a groundsmaster that you will<br>have to sell for one half you paid for it the year before.
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    The tender was awarded last year for Can$20 per hour with a 50 hp farm tractor and 6' bush hog mower. There is no set limit on how many hours it should take or how many acres per hour he has to mow. The guy told me he just idles along in 1st gear enjoying the sunshine. I bid it at Can$29 with a 4' deck and said I could cut up to 2 acres per hour. They weren't even interested in how much I could cut, just the hp and deck size. I wanted to give a per cut price but they didn't want that and said no one tenders that way. This is a stepping stone to better jobs with the school board so I would really like to get it but not at $20.
  6. $20can/per hour would be around $4/hrUS<br>after taxes and equipment costs.<p>You would be better off working for cash <br>mowing the home lawns of senior citizens.

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