Swisher Walk behind???


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Does anyone have one of these??

I'm looking for some input on this unit... I don't want to use it for Commercial use mainly just my own yards and maybe a couple of yards here and there.....


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Winchester, VA
It all depends on the budget that you are working with. It probably ok for the money. But could also find a used wb for the same price. I think it is around $1200. Correct me if I am wrong.:confused:


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As far as the brand name goes, I have had very good results with the 2 units I own, a Swisher Finish Mower and a Swisher Brush Cutter. Both units are pull behind units that I pull behind my quad. Both are used commercially.
n1alx, what experience do you have with this brand? Hopefully you aren't another BHB, FSM, or whatever the kids name is that bad mouthed products he knows nothing about.