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Swisher ZRT 60" ?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by CWG, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. CWG

    CWG LawnSite Member
    Messages: 75

    Theres one sitting outside the TSC place.
    Its got a 60" fab welded deck, but the motor looks inadequate.
    Its a 24 horse B&S Intek.
    The whole thing looks different than the swisher 42" ZRT I saw at a flea market.
    Taller, wider longer. The deck adjusts to 5", which is why I'm looking at it, seriously. Theres an acre that I dont cut that often and when I do, I use my finish mower and leave it about 5-6" so it doesnt get burnt in the summer dry months.

    Anyone see the new swisher? POS or no, and yes, I understand its not a commercial mower.
    I cant seem to find anything on google about it. Like real info other than the gloss add in the link here
  2. CWG

    CWG LawnSite Member
    Messages: 75

    Ha! After talking with the factory rep, I'm going to get one. The guy at TSC said he'd knock off a couple of hundred bucks. (the Z-force 50" I could get for $3800 also)
    It cuts at 6mph, comes with mulching blades and a plug. What sold me over the cub cadet was the deck has welded seams & it raises to 5". it has four sets of scalp wheels 2 in front, 2 on the back. It also has another set of wheels on all four sides incase you hit something the deck floats.
    the deck looks much stronger than the cub, as does the frame and the weld points on the frame vs. the cub. Side by side, the Swisher deck looks beefier.
    Tires are bigger. Engine is bigger, a trade off from the Kohler but a bigger pro B&S intek. dual hydro type tranny.
    The paint job looks lame, but the same warranty as the Cub. I like the hose washouts installed on the cub, the cub has thicker handles as well, user controls on both are about the same. The cub is more compact- shorter WB, that could be a plus in my three car garage,its filled already with all kinds of crap that dont have four wheels and go on the road.
    The manager said he sold four swishers (50" decks) in the last two years none have come back.
    Seat is more comfortable. Adjustable.
    I'll report back in a few days with initial and subsequent reports.

    If its a POS, rest assured, I'll say so. I've bought and sold quite a few WB's, garden tractors and compact tractors, if it wont work, it wont stay. Everybody needs a hobby :dizzy:
  3. Advance The Man

    Advance The Man LawnSite Member
    Messages: 154

    Am I following you correctly? A 60" for $3800? Sounds like a good price. Here's a link to there website, but they don't mention the 60".
  4. rbeitz

    rbeitz LawnSite Member
    Messages: 138


    Sounds like your mind is made up. I hope it works out for you. Post some pictures for us when you get it home. :)
  5. CWG

    CWG LawnSite Member
    Messages: 75

    Yup, they are lame about upping the website. I called because I saw the XZT60 Z-MAX 60" sitting outside a TSC. I couldn't find anything about it. I found out the info I posted.
    They were also clueless about the hitch fabbed onto the back of the frame. It took a supervisor to tell me, yes, we do indeed put a hitch on the back of all the 24/60's, but do not pull anything with it. ?
    I asked, and I quote "so...whats the hitch for? At the end of the year am I able to hang it on a hook in my garage?"
    He told me that "off the record" many (after purchase users) were fabbing something on the back of the ZTR's to pull seeders, lawn rollers, sprayers, thatchers etc, so they added it, yet deny it....LOL -typical.
  6. CWG

    CWG LawnSite Member
    Messages: 75

    Started to go up and buy the thing, then the mail came today.
    10% all purchases, EXEPT for cubcadet LOL
    Got the mower for 3599. Now THATS a deal.
  7. CWG

    CWG LawnSite Member
    Messages: 75

    Well......first impressions.
    I'm digging it.
    I found out the 60" deck is more or less the same 60 deck as their drag behind.
    I did the back and side yard today, normally about 45 minutes. 15 minutes. That blew me away.
    Good traction on the slope, easy to go as straight as I can go. I climbed out of some mud I didnt pay attention to. Lift the deck and I got thru.
    starts good, no bogging when engaged pto. the Gator Blades did a good job on the sticks, mole hills, grass glumps and the one toy I didnt see- time to pick up several hundred blue chips of whatever it was.
    The deck is 6+" wider than any other mower I've had and that will take some getting used to, I smacked a few things that I had been able to fly thru last summer (the deck has wheels on the side so it helps it swing around objects instead of getting hung up- that none of the residential ZTR's had I've looked at-real nice feature)
    Overall its easy controllable and I had that drunken stripe master thing going- practice should get nice stripes-striping kit is in my future (has a hitch on the back).
    controls are so easy to figure out, after 10 minutes I dont even need to look at for the key, throttle, choke, pto, etc. nice.
    It flies! Reminds me of a high speed wheel chair. Seat/armrests are fine so far, the surprising thing is the seat adjusts from way to close, to too far back- rare when you're 6 foot 220 pounds to find any seating that feels right.

    down sides: the steering arms are too skinny for my hands. way to skinny, like holding a 1/2" dowel rod. And they are cheap feeling.
    the arms dont come together so it will be two hands while driving- I've got some straight lines in the other bigger yards that are 150 yards long.
    it keeps rolling when you go to neutral- I had assumed it would brake. if I tossed the arms out, yes, it skidded to a halt, or feathered the reverse it slows nice.
    One of the gas tanks leaks over night if I dont twist it to the off position.
    Paint job: its powder coated, durable as I already whacked it accidently, but dull, lack luster.
    The deck is fabbed/welded(a good thing, its floats and just looks tougher than the other mowers I looked at). The welds are ok, but production looking, not the nice smooth welds, like on my New Holland TC29.
    The tab that sticks into the deck hieght adjustment has already had the paint scrub off.- looks like crap.
    Theres no "hub caps" on the centers of the rear wheels, looks cheap.
    Muffler is cheap and the heat sheild has a rattle, could be a loose bolt, we'll see.
    Battery is not easy to get at.

    I called customer service today and they were very cool, answered everything nicely. All americans!

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