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swisher ZTR's

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a friend of mine is selling one off,fairly new under 25 hours for a NICE price compared to what he paid for it..Me personally,I wouldn't buy it new or over any other major ZTR distributer for that matter...BUT since he's selling it for so cheap I figure I might as well pick it up if I ever get a fulltime employee or something..WHO KNOWS... just needed to know if they're reliable,thats all I really care about...doesn't matter if it rides a little rough after awhile,slow,paint chips,DONT CARE..reliabilty is all I'm worried about for something that's going to be a backup for now.. swisher ZTR, 17 1/2 HP,42inch... I think it's the exact one they sell on new(under 25 hours) and he's selling it around half price...should I?
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a friend of mine bought one new this year not sure of the size. it had a v twin engine in it he has about 20 yards he mows and he loves it its not bad for the money i would consider getting one for a backup
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