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ok, the deal is this:
I am one man band
been in industry 5 yrs 2 w/ a lco, moved & startd out on my own
100% of the yards I do I have because I push mow. Thankfully, due to growth I need to up grade. please understand I would love to go uot & get a walk behind exmark.
I just got out of debt, no credit or nothing, so I dont want to borrow 3500+ for comm. grade.
so swisser has this 48" walkbehind that perfectly fits1 my budget I have to work with
2 satisfing my cust, desire for smaller equipment.
I just want to know if anyone has had experience w/ a swisser? or can steer me to another option 1500$ or so.
I know they are not pro grade already, I am not going into debt again though untill I have some more accounts.


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You might have some luck buying a good used belt-drive walk behind from a local paper or Ebay. When we started out we picked up good used mowers and used them for two seasons before selling to recoup most of our costs.


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North Carolina

Please take a look at our Quick36 mower.

It IS commercial grade. Single drive hydro, electric start and beautiful quality of cut. For around two-grand delivered.

Much more productive option than a belt drive.


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