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    Anyone use the Switch-N-Go? I am currently looking at buying a new F350 and F450. My service mechanic wants to switch the dump bed off our GMC and put it on our new F450. I was debating checking out the Switch-N-Go. I see pros and cons of having one vehicle with multiple task options over two dedicated vehicles. What are your thoughts?

    I know Brandon owns one...if you don't mind how much was it?
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    I have one on an international. I have two empty boxes which I can use say...drop one off at a site where clean up is going on and drop another somewhere else with mulch or plants and the third I have set up with a 500 Gal hydroseeder. The switch and go works good for me. I wish the rails went to the ground because when you have a heavy load sometimes it struggles to get it up to the rails because the winch is pulling 100% weight.....there it is in my avatar
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    hoist runs about 10k
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    ARGOS< msg etwman, or find him in the pictures setup. that is basically all he uses now. He would be the most valuable information on this site pertaining to SNG.
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    Thanks for the info John. As you may have noticed you influenced my decision on my vehicle purchases. Instead of getting an F450 and a Isuzu NPR I am leaning toward another F350 for maint. with a trailer. I will put a dump on the F350 bed, but make it a small one. The Isuzu/GMC are still in the running, but doubtful.


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