Switch to Walkers or other Z Bagger ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassworks, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. grassworks

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    I'm thinking of going with A Walker Ghs 44" or similar machines to replace our old system of 36" to 48" walk behind mowers. In our area , it appears these Z vacum rear baggers are supperior in speed and performance. Residential customers expect weekly bagging and it is a neccessity to stay competitive. I am bagging with our walk behind (grass catcher) but it takes forever on the 10- 12k lawns. Does anyone have reccomendations on a mower like the Walker ghs (rear bagger /hopper) with the smalller deck under 50" ? I have to have a smaller deck and I think that side discharge bagging takes up too much space. Any suggestions or reccomendations would be great.
  2. 1grnlwn

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    It's time these customers wake up and realize that "bagging" is a waste of energy and national resource. Unless a large amount of leaves are involved, let it fly. Or bag it and stuff it in their Canyonero (largest SUV made featured on Simpsons). Sorry I know this doesn't answer your problem really.

  3. 1grnlwn

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    OOPs welcome to Lawnsite. During silly season I sometimes loose my manners.
  4. grassworks

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    I hate bagging too but can't keep clippings out of beds and other areas. Expectations are higher now on us than ever ( prices have not went up though :( )
  5. Toro, Walker, Scag, Ransome Bobcat all make similar systems.

    However I do agree with 1grnlwn.

    Get a operator controlled discharge chute and your problem is solved.
  6. BigJim

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    We bag most lawns here,the Walker has the best bagging set up available,it also offers the advantage of being able to change the deck if you want side discharge or mulching mowing.Mine has the 42" deck, but that suits our smaller lawns and gates we go through.Contact your local dealer and have a demo I'm sure you'll be impressed........
  7. slplow

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    You will save big time with the walker.I will be runing 2 48'' ghs this yr one a 98'' 20 hp and a new 26efi. Last year one of my neighborhoods of 12 lawns we save 30 to 45 minutes on average over two 52'' hydro wb with sulky's bagging. Running one walker and one wb. I hope this year to save one hr. Go with the walker on this type of machine, the others are only copycats and from what I heard don't compare to the walker.
  8. proscapeINC

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    I tested many machines there is nothing that compares to a walker.This year I bought my second saves alot of trimming time great for spring and fall clean-ups and great stripes. I own a diesil and a 20 hp all with 9.0 bushel hopper
  9. MOW ED

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    If you have to bag, Walker is the best. I own a 26EFI w a 42GHS deck. It gets into small gated yards. It is extremely maneuverable in small areas and gives an excellent cut. The GHS system is great for grass as well as thatch and fall leaves. If you dont have small gated backyards, get a 48"GHS deck. Find your local dealer/distributor and demo one. They cost a little more but you will make that up and then some by the time savings.

    I know many guys will say you have to educate your customers about not bagging. You are working for them and if they want it bagged then bag it and charge them. I have had some success in not bagging but there are some that are not gonna change and they are willing to pay. So be it.
    Walkers will not beat an Exmark, Dixie, Toro etc on the flat out mow and blow but for the specialty market and bagging there is no better mower out there. If you want more info, e-mail me.
  10. Strongmd

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    Obviously side-discharging all year would be best, but it's not an option up here except in July/August. If you have to do a lot of bagging, I don't think anything touches a Walker. A mid-mount with a bagging system seems like a behemoth to me. The walker is very compact, self-contained and does not need a pony engine or a tube off of the side to bag. The walker-style toro might be an option, but I know nothing about it. It's the only non-walker that comes close.

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