Switched to the proslide


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Huron, Ohio
Last year I purchased a set of Jungle Wheels for my WB. They worked fine, however, I was not completely satisfied. As others have posted, they do have a tendency to "bounce around" on uneven ground. I also noticed the wobbling caused them to make the wheel marks look uneven. Maybe I was being too picky but I decided to purchase a proslide instead and try it out.

Well, all I can say is that I should have purchased this first. This thing is simply amazing. The ride for one is sooooooo much smoother. It just floats over the imperfections on the turf and leaves amazing stripes!!! My biggest concern was using it on a belt drive as I've heard mixed things about it. I attached it this weekend and gave it a test run. I will say it does put a bit more stress on the motor with the additional resistance, however, not even close to causing an issue. I did notice that I need to be more cautious on my turns but it still swung me around without hesitation. I may add some additional weight in the front, but it's not really necessary unless you're running steep hills.

The other factor in purchasing this unit was the price. There is a guy that I believe others have purchased from on eBay that is selling them for short money. I ended up paying $155 shipped. couldn't't pass it up and I'll never use a two wheel'd sulky again!!! I posted a couple pics in the picture forum of my first stripes of the season.....:D :blob3: :D