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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Re-Ignition, May 23, 2006.

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    Hello all... I've been using Scotts Turf Builder and the basic "Step program" for about 8 years. My lawn looks "OK" to "Good"... Lawnsite/Pro Standards:rolleyes:

    Anyways I found a Lesco dealership in a very close by industrial park. I never noticed them because it's not a roadside location. Very nice once inside though.

    So here's my plan... I already put down Scotts Crabgrass Prev. back in April. Heavy Lime in March... my PH is 6. I did a soil test last week and found that my lawn was deficient in a lot of elements not in the Scotts blends.

    Sunday I put down some Lesco 24-5-11 w/ 5% Iron.

    Around the 4th of July I plan on spreading some Lesco 5-10-31 has some Iron too is supposed to help with stress during the heat.

    Some 4-6-4 Lesco Turkey Fert for a light Summer Application in August.

    And then some Lesco Novex 19-2-19 in early fall seems to be Lesco's best fert long lasting, low burn, small particle, etc...

    of course insecticides and grub killer at appropriate times. Lime again in the fall. Also I think I'm going to purchase a Lesco Spreader to be most accurate.

    Am I way of base here or does this seem ok as long as I soil test and avoid surpluses in any given element.

    Also the Lesco standard particle is a seperate element per particle (except the Novex) compared to the Scotts blend that includes it all in each particle. How does that effect soil consistency? Is this enough lawn food?

    Thanks for any advice.
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    As long as you're talking to your Lesco guys, you should be okay...they generally know what they're doing, and they should know what's right for your particular climate. (Mine have talked me out of a few "good ideas" in the last couple of years. :hammerhead:.)

    As far as other advice, I'm not sure I see the need for the "Turkey Fert". The 5-10-31 should green you up just fine and carry you through the summer, without encourging too much unwanted growth. I would also consider a second, late-fall application of some high nitrogen product to get you ready for a big spring.:weightlifter:
  3. Re-Ignition

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    Thanks... I didn't realize we had a lesco forum but I figured the Turkey compost would be a nice light fertilizer during the heat and non-growing season in the north east.

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