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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by BrandonV, Apr 17, 2014.

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    I'm scheduled to visit a project we did before the big led revolution happened. It is a 90 fixture project with 4 of the cast transformers that would fade up the lights. I've been reluctant so far to start trading out the bulbs for led lamps. Will the "fade" feature cause problems or being its just a few seconds it not be a big deal? I may just drop in a few to see what happens.
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    I don't know about landscape lights but I do know they make LEDs that can do fade ins and outs. They're multivoltage and could allow you to keep the look. As far as just swapping them with just a basic LED I don't know.
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    I have done several retrofits to LED on CAST transformers- have had no issues.
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    I believe the "fade" that you are referring to is the no-surge soft-start featured on older CAST transformers. This was discontinued a few years ago and CAST is offering a free replacement thermistor. Our company has had many soft-start failures so we are installing the thermistors on all the older units.

    Regarding LED retrofits, we have had zero issues with the thermistor transformers.
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    I was curious, I asked Cast before if this violates UL. Changing thermistors in the field. I have not heard back from them if it eliminates the UL listing or not.It is splitting hairs but I seem to get quite a few calls and know many who have come across this issue. I do not regularly use their transformers but have had to service them in the past. As you know, a landscape lighting system has to be fully UL listed. Therefore, I want to ensure that if we "fix" them out in the field, everything is still legit.
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    As I understand it, if you alter the listed product in any way, the factory listing is then void. I think it is ok to repair a product as long as you replace the faulty component with the exact same component that was originally installed in the product.

    I should think the proper thing to do with any transformer faults or repair is to rely upon the Manufacturer's warranty. Send the faulty unit back for repair or replacement, by the factory. The Manufacturer should not be asking its customers to initiate repairs or upgrades on transformers.

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