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Switching to mulching blades..

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Detroit, MI
Last year I switched from mulching to bagging, and I'm going to continue bagging this year. I recently bought an impact wrench of my own, so i'll be able to change off the blades myself instead of taking the mower to a shop and having them do it. My question is, if I wanted to switch back to mulching, would I be able to do so without putting the rest of the mulching kit back on? Is the rest of it necessary for it to work properly?

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What kind of mulching blades are they, gator mulching blades, or blades from a mulching kit?
With the gators, you could switch from mulcching to bagging, and not use the kit.
If they come with a mulching kit, then it would be best to use the mulching kit because the blades do not have enough lift without the kit. One mulching kit I am speaking of is the eXmark mulch kit.
What kind of mower do you have??