Switching to New Ear Plugs need suggestions

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Supper Grassy, Jun 24, 2013.

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    I just bought one today. Hmph, just like every other piece of equipement I own, the only thing I say is, "Why didn't I get this a long time ago?":headphones:
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    I tried something similar to work tunes but they would make my ears so hot in the summer I couldn't stand it, still use them in the winter for leaf removal though, keeps my ears warm. I use 3M disposable plugs, I get a box of individually wrapped pairs (200 pair per box) for about $25 at harbor freight. Less than half the cost of similar plugs from HD or Lws (and HD/Lws are not individually wrapped) Cheapest good plugs I have found. I usually keep them in all day so I don't worry about them getting dirty, I occasionally pull one out and stick it in the crease of my ear if I am needing to remove one to hear something better.
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    my history:

    first 5 years, i wore in ear headbuds. Went to the doctor and found out i had hearing loss...
    next year, i wore in ear plugs. I was back in the doctor with a SERIOUS ear infection.
    Now, worktunes. If you want to listen to your ipod there is an aux plug for it.

    Take it from me (and dont ask me in my left ear) you want to use worktunes.

    Fun fact, every time you hear a buzzing high frequency sound in your ear, it is actually the frequency dying in your ear, you will never hear it again.
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    i drill holes in the foam with a 1/4" drill bit. It sounds ghetto but actually works really well

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