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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by kingfisher, Mar 8, 2017.

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    My Bermuda Lawn is 4 years old and have been using Lesco products till now. I am thinking of moving to Organic care. My lawn doesn't look healthy plus weeds all the time. I have used Celcius WG for weeds control. And it is not helping me either. Recently I have heard about sumagreen turf product from one of the local vendor. He recommended me to use that for lushy green lawn. Can I use tenacity for weeds? I have creeping charlie plus other weeds invaded in my lawn? Any other weed killer you can suggest when using with Sumagreen?
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    Moving over to a fully organic lawn care is a little easier said than done. First you should get a ph meter and figure out if your soil is acidic or more alkaline. Second you will want a soil test to see how many micro organisms are living in your soil. Weeds are a symptom and not a problem. Do you water too much? Or is your ground too compact? Cultural practices take a big roll in Turf and soil health.
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    Exactly Mr Green find out what is going on before you do anything. Take your samples properly too, many do it wrong. If you have a probe us it.

    Testing is not too expensive either for the benefits you achieve.
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    No Bermuda around here. Local advice from experienced people is better.
    Is this common Bermuda? Seeded Bermuda? Tifton? The premium-quality sod types are thicker and tighter--fewer weed problems. Make sure you are taking proper care of your Bermuda. Short mowing--reel mower. Regular irrigation. Have a soil test done--correct deficiencies and any acid soil. Plenty of fertilizer to keep it tight and vigorous. Sumagreen should work fine--but Bermuda needs plenty of fertilizer, six times per year is often suggested. Milorganite or a poultry manure product would supply more of the needed nitrogen and calcium. It cannot grow thick without nitrogen.

    Compare with Holganix:
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    Hey you guys I'm Tim knowing your soil food web condition is key, check out people's choice organics, I've found this guy very helpful, the results have been awesome
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    I am switching my personal yard to organic fert this year. Just put down 12 bags of Milorganite, will re apply in July. Will see how it does vs std fert.
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    I've been looking at peoples choice organic turf care program I've seen his customers yards and I'm impress
  8. On a call

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    I prefer Michiganite over Milorganite :)
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    Lol yep I heard it was from Michigan..... I was wonder how much bull was up there. Must be good stuff, check out mighty grow, its a bunch of chicken ....
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    Chicken is not only for dinner anymore.

    Beside I keep seeing signs...EAT MORE CHICKEN, MAKE MORE POO.
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