swivel mowers are they worth the extra $

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TheLawnRanger, Jun 30, 2000.

  1. TheLawnRanger

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    these swivel mower are cool. but they cost big time! can we find them on line any where?<br>i like 21&quot; mowers ONLY! and i saw one of these at home depot any one got one? they got casterwheels on front instead of fixed wheels! they turn great! no lifting involved!<br>they are zero turn 21&quot; LOL.
  2. Guido

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    Wow, If those 21&quot;'er's are as you said &quot;costing big time&quot; no wonder why you don't want to start a grounds maintenance business! Imagine what the swivel wheels in the front of a ZTR cost, probobly the same as those mowers!! LOL I'm sorry, I'm still laughing from your &quot;I hate commercial mowers&quot; post. LOL :)<p><p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://communities.msn.com/guidosequipmentpics/&quot;&gt;&quot;Guido&quot;&lt;/a&gt;<br>David M. Famiglietti
  3. Ssouth

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    I purchased the 21&quot; Scott's mower from Home Depot approxiamately 1 month ago. It cost $535 w/tax. I'll be taking it back next week. Don't get me wrong I LOVE THE SWIVEL WHEELS but the mower sucks. I only use this mower 2 hours a week for small places my Exmark won't fit in and I only mulch. This mower does not do a good job mulching. Although it does a good job bagging, I just don't like it because when mulching it leaves a trail of clippings. (Before, I used a ten year old snapper that the blade had only been sharpened once or twice and I don't think the oil had ever been changed and it mulched much better). I think the Scotts mower is actually built by Ariens ( not sure). If you have any other questions you can E-mail me.<p>Stuart H. South<br>Ssouth@hiwaay.net
  4. Blackhawk Lawn Care

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    I have recently followed the lemmings to the sea, and purchased a swivel mower. I paid $439.00 for a Cub Cadet w/ a 6.5hp Intek Briggs motor. We purchased ours through a farm implement dealer. I have about 15 hours on it. I installed an hour meter for maintenance purposes. All of our employees fight over that mower. Our Toro 21&quot; is headed down the salvage road, and another C.C will undoubtedly take its place. About the only problem that we have had with it is on steeper sidehills or terraces. It likes to walk down hill alot, but its not a major problem more of an annoyance.
  5. accuratelawn

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    Snapper makes a 24 or 26 inch with a 6 hp, with the cools front wheels. It also has a brake or lock to keep them straight when going across a slope.<br>Friend bought one last year and has worked well. $900, sorry that counts you out lawnranger.<br>
  6. All Green

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    I just bought a 21 cubcadet i love it I paid 400 with a bagger.6 speeds the casters lock when on a slop or hill i'd recemend it.
  7. Toroguy

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    Ssouth,<br>Scott's lawn tractors are mfg. by John Deere. Push mowers ??
  8. OP

    TheLawnRanger LawnSite Member
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    thnks for the replys.<br>ill be looking into cub cadet and the scotts.<br>snapper is too much! even the others are too. lol im cheap! I HAVE NO OVER HEAD!!!!<br>like to keep it that way! but i do find good 21&quot; mower for 50-100$ lol that i make coulpe<br>thousand dollars on. then sell it for the same price i got it for after i beat it to death! in a year or two.(buyer be ware)lol<br>ill be looking for a swivel mower if you know where i can get one!<br> does any one know a good place to get a cheap good swivle 21&quot;mower??? airens,scotts,snapper,cubcadet?, ty 4 your help! by the way im HAPPY R U?<br>god bless! ~mark~<br>
  9. fdew

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    Mark<br>You don't list your email address in your profile so I need to tell you in public<p>This &quot;then sell it for the same price i got it for after i beat it to death! in a year or two.(buyer be ware)lol&quot;<p>Dosent fit with this &quot;im HAPPY R U? god bless! ~mark~&quot;<p>Frank (a brother in Christ)
  10. steveair

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    Hello,<p>I worked for a company about 4 years ago and they puchased one of those 'swivel' front caster push mowers. I believe it was a Ariens (was painted orange as I remember) and was expensive, around 600 or 700 then. It was just out then, and I believe was one of the first 21&quot; mowers with the front castors. The price reflected one of those &quot;new to market&quot;, fad items.<p>It turned out to be a piece of junk.<p>The crew, on the first day they went out, used it once, and then put it right back on the trailer. They said it was almost impossible to get it to cut in a straight line. The cut was good, but it had a tendency to swerve all over the place with those castors up front. It was a real nice looking piece of equipment, but just didn't work.<p>steveair

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