Swivel wheel sulky behind a 36" hydro WB?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Does anyone out there run a swivel wheel sulky on a 36" hydro WB? I have a TTHP 36" and am curious if a lighter weight mower like this could take a swivel wheeler or if I should go with a Velke X2 or something like that instead. Want a quality unit that a smaller machine like this can handle well.
  2. fatboynormmie

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    Owning both a x2 and a tru trak swivel wheel sulky and owning both a 52/36 Turf Tracer my opinion is the x2 is the best choice for the 36".

    Reasons for x2 on 36"
    storage when not in use
    turning ability in tight quarters

    Is the x2 as comfortable as the tru trak......Not even close but the tru trak would manhandle the little 36" and not allow you tight turning ability which on a 36" you want. My .02
  3. Roger

    Roger LawnSite Fanatic
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    I have an Exmark Viking, 36" hydro driven w/b. I have had it for a long time, and used it without sulky, with a one-wheeled Velke, and with a two-wheeled Bull Rider (convertible model).

    The one-wheeled sulky is highly maneuverable, easy on/off, lightweight. But, I did not like the line down the middle of the mowing pass.

    I bought the Bull Rider, intending to use it is caster mode (what I think you are calling swivel). Each of the two caster wheels have spindles/yokes that can be free to turn, or locked down. When locked down, a pin in the hitch is pulled out, permitting the tow hitch to pivot, making the sulky a trailer model.

    My intention was to use the BR in caster mode, but quickly realized it would not work. The mower is too light. The sulky drives the mower, rather than the mower driving the sulky. Power isn't a problem, nor traction. But, it is the direction control that was a problem. Also, the mower is very light in the front already, and the sulky made the problem worse. The footprint of the 36" model is simply too narrow to have sufficient leverage to make the caster mode work properly. I could not make turns like I wanted, nor could I feather the controls to drive it in a straight line. The terrain is tough on many of my properties, with slopes, irregular shapes.

    I locked down the caster spindles, took out the tow hitch pin, and used it in trailer mode for years and years. No, I cannot make true Z turns because of the tow hitch limits. But, I learned to make a two part turn that went quick. Yes, the sulky does make an impact on handling, but it is not a limiting problem. On one or two properties that were flat, it worked pretty well. But, these were too rare to make it useful.

    ... hope that helps.

    P.S. Actually, there was another step in my adventure. Between the one-wheeled Velke, and the BR, I tried a ProSlide. The behavior of the ProSlide and the BR in caster mode was the same -- machine was too light, too small footprint to make it work.
  4. Darryl G

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    I have a hard time mowing straight with my Bull Rider in caster mode on slopes and that's on a 48 inch Tracer, so I can believe what Roger says above about it not working well on a 36. The weight of the unit and rider influences the machine in caster mode. Still that's how I always run it, I hate having to bend and twist with every turn on a trailering sulky.
  5. orangemower

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    I really like the BOP step saver. You are always in the same position behind the controls whether you're turning or not. No twisting or nothing.
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

    DA Quality Lawn & YS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Isn't it the same as a swivel wheel sulky?
  7. mowerbrad

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    Proslide? That may work, I know they work well on 48" machines, not sure about 36" machines.
  8. DA Quality Lawn & YS

    DA Quality Lawn & YS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Can I assume correctly that I should buy the X2 with the 18" arm for the TTHP?
    I see they also offer a shorter armed version.
  9. fatboynormmie

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    DA I have both the 15" and 18" arms for my x2 but I will have to check which one I use on the TTHP.I'm pretty sure it's the 15 but will have to get back to you tomorrow after verifying.I really think the x2 is the correct choice.
  10. goodgreen

    goodgreen LawnSite Senior Member
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    I used a two wheel sulky behind a belt drive ExMark 36" Metro for several years without any problems.

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