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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Aug 19, 2005.

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    i have a stop, with 5 of our "larger" yards. these properties generally take about 1.5-2 hrs total to mow . they are priced, and charged, for a mow, and about 10 minutes of "debris" cleanup each week. an average stop here, is about 20-25 minutes per property. today, the place was absolutely covered in sycamore leaves. todays stop was 5 hrs, or, roughly 1 hr per property. i know a certain member here says we shouldn't charge for "tumbleweeds" or sycamore cleanup. but i strongly disagree. how are you charging this?

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    I don't use a bag at all except for fall leaf clean-ups. If you normally bag the lawn, I would say invoke some kind of hourly rate + dumping. My own residence has about 9 100' sycamores, but these puppies are deep rooted and are not that affected by drought as the shorter varieties are. I have a couple of customers like that and I use a combination of push to the street and mulching. They mulch up rather nice if you can get'em under the deck.
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    They are the absolute worst. Big old leaves that blow all over the neighborhood. The roots on the tree are so week that too much rain they uproot and fall over. I will gladly take a chainsaw to them for free. They are such messy trees, but they do grow fast and provide good shade.
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    I have two customers who live right next to each other and same sycamore problem, they complained about the mess and if we could spend the time nessesary to blow the lawn then far each one takes us about an extra 10 min, 20 minutes total on about 6,ooosq ft of turf. I charge them $20 bucks a piece. Thats total of $40 for 20 min which equals our $120 an hour for cutting. Its like aquiring one new $40 dollar lawn.

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    Anybody waving money in your face should not be ignored. payup
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    They are annoying, I am sneezing and crying the whole time I cut these properties.

    I just double cut em with doubles on, and they're gone. Till next week anyway........

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