Symbiot not contracted with deere (lesco)?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GrazerZ, Dec 19, 2007.

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    Went into my local lesco/ deere dealer yesterday and was told that John deere did not renuew its symbiot agreement once it bought out lesco. This is a problem as I see it. what would be the value of symbiot without lesco? For me the other programs are not worth it. I also was told of some pretty steep price increases coming up as well. like $17.50 per bag for 32-0-10 and about the same for 28-5-12. thats up about $3 a bag for me. I was also informed that the next increase is expected at the end of the year. Lesco melt II went up $5 per bag for me also. I feel gouged. seems everyone is passing the buck, how can I not. If the increase on fert continues as expected, it will be a %100 increase over 4 years ago. Prices for apps will have to go up I guess.
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    True, as of 12-15 Symbiot is no longer affiliated with Lesco/John Deere

    Not a big deal I just wont renew, I am doing away with nextel also, which is the only other benefit I have from symbiot. Symbiot might be scrambling now b/c to find a new vendor. For me without Lesco there is no reason to continue membership. I dont have a call for many of the other vendors. Some of my other vendors that I use dropped Symbiot as well. Most of the time it seems my vendors are in the ball park of symbiot pricing and sometimes they even beat it. The rebates that I get don't cover my membership either. So why continue.

    I am talking to Lesco now about the price increases and basically what I am getting is not only is all the raw material going up but John Deere is making market adjustments to account for Lesco and all other competitors not raising prices as raw materials went up over time. I guess they are setting the bar and figure all other competitors will follow suit.

    I prefer them to hit us now while we can adjust our customers renewals and new bidding prices accordingly. Better than getting hit in June, if they are going to raise prices.

    We are doing the math currently and at first glance with fuel,labor and material increases we are looking at 8-10% across the board for our customers. Stinks to have to do it but we normally raise 3-5% so this hopefully will not be a huge problem for most of our customers. We will see.
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    Guess I am in the dark here....but who or what is Symbiot?

    I have never heard of this?



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    do a search i did there property mangers that get companys to singe up to do work for them
    Charles Cue
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    Learn something everyday! I am done til tomorrow!:laugh:
  6. MStine315

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    Yup, I agree 100%. I got the e-mail today. They say they're hooking up with another fert. supplier, but we'll see. My rebate will pay for the membership this year, but there's no sense continuing after this year.
  7. Marcos

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    It's just as well that relationship ended!

    Lesco's relationship with Symbiot in getting more and more of Lesco's customers 'signed up' as Symbiot clients with their 'special ' pricing,
    in my opinion was akin to Dr. Suess' apropos kid's book " The Star-Bellied Sneech"

  8. Ric

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    Do a search here of older Lawnsite threads. Symbiot "SymbIODT" has a not to reputable history.
  9. lawn king

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    I got in & out of symbiot at the right times and saved thousands! Im very happy about this as it seems that im always the guy that missed the boat!
  10. Ric

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    SymbIODT Gave Away Memberships the last couple of years just to keep their membership numbers up. With JD not renewing I See a quick end to SymbIODT. While some people Benefited Many People lost money with SymbIODT. I never bought into them.

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