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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by North Country Snow, Jun 30, 2006.

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    Hello again - There are threads here talking about boycotting symbiot P3 partners and it has come up on the snow side also....I just want to bring the awareness up!


    "We have already stopped doing business with any P3 partner. We are encouraging everyone else to do the same and support their peers who are owed money or perhaps have lost their business because of SMG/ Symbiot non-payment.

    We almost lost our chemical supplier but they dropped out of the P3 program, we are switching to Ford Trucks because Dodge is a P3 partner.

    We will not shop at Office Max, Exxonmobil or use any Meyer's, Swenson or Husqvana product. We have closed our Enterprise rental car business account and do not use Hertz. I called and closed our Home Depot business accounts.

    I have spoken with MANY P3 partner and explained our plight it seems they are beginning to listen.

    The only one we have not been able to shake is Sprint but we will find a way to work around them also.

    So all I ask is that you do the right thing and Do Not Use ANY P3 Partner !

    I am not asking you to hurt your business but there are perfectly acceptable substitutes to any P3 partner except for Sprint."

    Thanks - michael
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    Symbiot has taken about $8000.00 from my family. Symbiot Has held out on our Landscaping and sweeping invoices from providing service to two Toys R Us' in california for almost a year.

    So, no problem from me, I can do with out the Symbiot P3 Partners in my Buisness. Not that it matters, Toys R Us' said " They paid their bill to Symbiot and it is not their problem". So they are not high on my list, as well.
  3. Hovey's Lawn Care

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    Glad to see this. I was thinking of joining due to a low work load this season. I have this guy calling and bugging me to join symbiot, but with Dentco still owing me money it is hard to consider, and now with hearing of your guy's issues with symbiot NO WAY!
  4. stumper1620

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    Dittos on the phone calls, they've been calling a lot in the last 2 months
  5. Hovey's Lawn Care

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    i am not sure how many times we told that Ray dude no. lol

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