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I have read some of the previous threads about these and seems the few that use them say they are OK.
Let me tell ya'll my situation first. For many years I have been in the maintenance side mainly doing small installs in the spring/summer with some larger installs in the fall/winter. I only did some apps on very few of my better lawns. In 08 I downsized to where I am solo again. I am wanting to change from the small profit maintenance to mainly doing pest control [turf]. I just ran a add a few days ago and have already had some interest.
Right now I have two backpacks, Lesco and Earthway spreader and a Pro Lawn shielded push sprayer. I do not have near enough clients to justify a ride on. The shielded sprayer does a pretty good job but is hard to push/maneuver.
I think the Synergy would be easy to push in a empty sprayer and the price is pretty cheap. I am worried though about 16oz per k. Is that enough to give good coverage? I am open to suggestions as long as ya'll remember my pockets are pretty shallow right now.


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The way I started out was doing an all dry program until I had 35 customers and then I got the skid tank and sprayer. Build up the customer base until you can afford the sprayer you want. Business is about profit and if you have the spreader and a backpack you can start making profit right away. Just my opinion.


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I agree most of those who run the Synergy like them.

I ran a push spreader, elec. backpack last year on my dozen customers, and even with that small #, having 50-70 lbs on your back got old. So, I found a nice used ride-on to build my biz with.

I agree that you should equip yourself with your end goal in mind. I didn't necessarily heed that advice at first but I caught on.


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I am in the very same boat you are in. That is what I have been doing all day today is do I want to fork out $4000 for a 200 g skid or purchase the synergy to get by for the next two years roughly.

I have a maintenance company and currently treat about 75-100k sq feet per application. I have been doing it with a backpack for the past two years and boy does it take every bit of 20 minutes per 1,000 sq ft. I end up cutting corners on larger properties or rather spot spraying.

I am looking into the skid sprayers at northern tool, all the same equipment, etc. but a lower price. Gregson Clark for the same 200 set up is 3800 + shipping, northern tool is 3000 free shipping, I actually would prefer the Northern because the frame also wraps around the tank to protect it as the Gregson Clark doesn't. Northern also has a 55 gallons with 150' hose for $1699.

For me the 200 skid would be an investment rather than a need. So I am debating because there are other things I am in need of where I can not obtain barely any credit because of my age and short credit history, and I fertilize using all granular so for once a year application, $3,000 doesnt seem to justify but neither does 20 min for 1,000 sq ft on a back pack when a skid can do 7,000 sq ft in a minute! But I think I am going to go with a synergy and maybe buy a 100 gallon tank for $150, on each end it has a hook up for a garden hose so cut 10' of hose to fill it up when the 9 gallons run out of the synergy.
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I did something similar for my first season prior to buying a ride on. My experience with the synergy has been as follows:

Good in dry and low wind conditions for spot spraying only. Even in dry conditions sometimes your wheel can get wet via drift and slipping can occur.

Not good in wet conditions, inconsistent flow due to the contact between the pump and tire slipping.
Not good for complete coverage weed control apps, although in dry, low wind conditions you may be able to get away with it.

Half way through that season I went back to just using a back pack with a boom for complete coverage apps and a single fan tip when spot spraying. Downside of course is you have to walk the lawn twice.

As you grow, if you don't have the capital for a z-spray (my preference) or t3000 then a skid sprayer or used permagreen would be a good intermediate step in my opinion.

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This is very interesting to me. I'm waiting on my test results for my PA pesticide exam and I'm very really interesting in this synergy sprayer as well. I'm just getting into this as an add on service this year, but hoping to switch to more of these accounts as the years pass. For a small number of accounts, is a backpack with a boom the way to go? There is the potential to do a few larger accounts (up to an acre) but nothing bigger than that. I really want to do an excellent job as my only competition will be TGCL. I guess I didn't think that a backpack could provide good adequate coverage. Please educate me as well.

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I have the synergy for my lesco spreader . It is a good way to start instead of backpacking lawns. The coverage is good and it works well for spot spraying. You can blanket spray with them but covers only about 16,000 sq. ft. , so you would need a nurse tank to refill. I have been pleased with it's results but eventually like myself you will outgrow it.


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We had the old model that used a pump and battery setup. it got the job done when we were small. If you keep an eye out on Ebay you may find a skid sprayer for a steal.


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I have had a synergy for the past four years last year I bought a used Magnum. To be honest the Synergy is much easier to use with very good results. Espescially in small yards 5k and under. Very manuverable. Even in some of the larger yards it works well. you can put in in truck or trailer with your mowing equip and do apps while on mowing route. I carry a couple of 6 gallon water jugs for nurse tanks. At 8k per gallon thats almost 100k in two cans

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