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    I've just started using syntechic oil in my 24hp honda in my supermini z. It works so much better than regular oil. It runs smother, and my fuel economy is improving. However I still change my oil at 40 hours with the oil filter. My question is can I use the syntechic oil in my hydrolic system. My dealer says that you will only be able to get 50% of the oil out of the system but I read on the back of the oil it says that syntechic oil is compatable with regular oil and exceedes allmost all the requirements of api, sl/sj/cf and alsothe requirements of porsche, bmw, volvo, and mercedes benz. So I figure it should be ok for my lawn mower. I know I would need anti-foam for the hydrolic system.

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    Yes you can change over to synthetic in the hydro system, you do not need to add anything to the oil in the hydro when doing so.

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    When I bought my Super Z, I asked about changing the oil in the hydro system to synthetic, the dealer said it was not needed. Should I run a Mobil 1 10w-40 synthetic, or 15w-40? Do I still need to add the Lubzoil?

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    I had asked a similar question about the Super Z before and I don't want to quote anyone, but here is what I got from it. You can use a synthetic 10w-40, but don't use it for the purpose of trying to extend drain intervals. As far as the Lubrizol additive, it would be wise to use it. I am not sure what the specs are for the Hustler Lubrizol additive, nor do I really care :blush: Could be a good amount of Zinc and or Moly. Whatever it is, someone who knows this stuff decided it was a good idea to have it. Some oils may have enough of whatever the Lubrizol adds, but you would probably never know which ones they were. Rather than tell you that you have to use "Brand A" 10w-40 and have 85% of the people fail to use it or having to depend on "Brand A" not to switch their formula, it's easier to get owners to use the additional additive package in the Hustler Lubrizol.

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    Do NOT leave out the Lubrizol. It is not a feel-good additive like STP. Essentially, the Lubrizol formulation specified by Excel is a anti-wear and anti-oxidant zinc package (zinc alkyl dithiophosphate is the main ingredient) designed to extend the life of your hydraulic system. Lubrizol makes a large number of additives for different applications so it's best to stick with the Hustler packaging (PN 027912 for 7oz, PN 027920 for 10oz). If you are curious about Lubrizol, try their website:

    Here are my guidlines for using syn oils in your hydraulic system: 1. Use only 10w40 that is compatible with petroleum-base oils; 2. Use the correct amount of Lubrizol additive for the amount of 10w40 oil added; 3. Follow the owner's manual change intervals--just because you paid more for synthetic doesn't mean it's ok to stretch the time between changes.

    If you want a feel-good, "chicken soup" additive, consider Motorkote100 ( I run it along with Castrol Syntec in my 23hp Mini Z's engine and hydraulic pumps (with Lubrizol, naturally).

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