Synthetic Oil. What I learned about it.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doublewide6, Jan 20, 2013.

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    I'd have trouble taking advice from a guy that doesn't know what he's talking about. He seemed to be confused as to why Mobil 1 is rated SM/CF. He knew what the SM stood for but not the CF. He explained that synthetic oil must have a different rating system. CF is a diesel oil specification. It has nothing to do with being synthetic oil. He was kinda off on few other things too but what's the point.
  3. Doublewide6

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    I guess the point is to not use synthetic oil unless the engine manufacturer calls for it.
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    Engine makers specify ratings. The type is pretty irrelavent. Synthetics have properties crude bases don't. These become important when you exceed the limitations of crude based. Small engines run under conditions that qualify for severe duty lubricants. I have pulled apart many engines over the years. Synthetics are always cleaner and show less wear in my experiences.
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    I think the temperatures are just tooo high for conventional oil in lawn equipment, especially the air cooled ones. We switched to Schaeffer synthetic 10 years ago and are very happy with results. We run it in the hydro also.
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    Any quality conventional oil is perfectly suitable for the air cooled engines that we use. And I have test results to prove it. The only reason you would want to use synthetic is if you want to extend oil change intervals.
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    I've been running amsoil in everything the past few years and am perfectly happy with it. Very little oil consumption on the air cooled engines and using dino in them always resulted in needing to add nearly a quart in 100 hours on kohlers.

    I've heard of Schaffer, friend of mine has told me about it. Trucking companies love the stuff I guess. He wants me to try some but their website doesn't really offer much information.
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    i'd say if you run regular change your oil every 50hrs and if you run synthetic you can change it every 100hrs. i use mobil 1. they don't even make regular oil anymore. it's all synthetic. it just holds up to the heat better and longer. when it's 100 degrees in the summer you don't have to worry about even getting close to thermal breakdown lol. mobil 1 does have regular base oils in it though. it's not entirely synthetic like amsoil and others that are more expensive. it's sortof regular oil with extra synthetic additives that make it last longer and perform better in high heat situations and break down slower.
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    That is correct and it's great for a car to extend changes but you should not extend changes on mowers.
  10. Do you have any hard data to back that claim up?
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