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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by skurkp, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. skurkp

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    I am in houston, texas and have been bidding on new installs and keep loosing out to companies that are installing them for 200 per zone. I can touch that, am I doing something wrong? What is the basic price for no real elevation change new homes or not, no rock, just imop simple straight forward install per zone. Standard products not from hoe depot or lowes but from my dealer, nothing fancy.
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    Let the mf'ers install for 200. Hang around grab the service and when they go under set the price to make a living. In the meantime, value your work and stick to your guns, sell yourself instead of the pgp. There is no way a company can make a dollar at 2 per zone unless they are just working for $8hr in labor. They can't be legit with overhead. I am crying about getting $85-90 per rotor on some jobs. If a owner told me they got a quote for $50 per rotor I would just stare at them in with a WTF? look on my face.:confused:
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    I get that around this part of Texas also,,,,I just sit back and let them install away at 200.00 per zone. Come June July and August I make it back on the service calls because the owner cant get a hold of the original installer. I do not and will not budge on my price. I would rather miss out on an install and lose nothing than to compete at 200.00 and lose money. The best thing you can do is to put that customer on your mailing list and let them know that you do repair work if they should need your services. You are not missing anything, but if you elect to install at 200.00 per zone so that you can compete, you will lose alot.:weightlifter:
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    Looks like I wont be expanding my buisness into Texas , 200 dollars a zone , we get between 650 and 750 per zone depending if there are 3 or 4 rotors . But the cost of living here is also very high , a 2 bedroom slab rancher ,built in 1950 in fair shape will cost you $ 200,000 . Waterfront starts at a million and thats usually a teardown .
  5. Flow Control

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    I won't be moving to Texas either, I just found a good market in Md:laugh: :laugh:
  6. AssuredServicesCo

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    I'm in Dallas and I try to get about $425 to $450 per zone. Some people just call in for price and tell me straight up they would like an estimate but only if I think it will be more competitive than their cheapest ones. I reply with a set price and never hear back from them.

    They don't understand they will get arc to arc coverage at best and not
    head to head coverage and proper working hydraulics.

    I advise the customer we will give them a blueprint if they use us and show them a copy of a past job. I also show them a working hydraulics worksheet when I go do the presentation so they will see something thought out.

    It's really tough out there so sell yourself on quality. Piss on the rest.
  7. SprinklerGuy

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    If it were a 1 zone system with 8 PGP' it still $450?
    If it is, come to Colorado I have a ton of them you can do for me....

    I hate per zone pricing. Can you tell?
  8. hect911

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    I was told that the best way to price a job was per head and not per valve.

    But almost everyone in my town talk about a per valve charge?

    Feedback anyone?
  9. jerryrwm

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    if you have determined all your costs for materials, equipment, labor, overhead, and profit then you can take the total price and divide it by the number of valves to gete a per valve price if you really need it. However that will be a skewed number if the zones are not identical.

    If you have a zone that is running 15 gpm and you are using 5 heads at 3gpm, it is going to cost less than a zone that is running 15 gpm but all the heads are 1.0 gpm heads which means there are 15 heads on that zone. Cost is going to be vastly different, but if you are bidding by the zone you're screwed.

    Price everything to make money by knowing you costs and then sell the job. And to hell with the per zone bidders. let them work for wages if they want.


    ps. Is Ed Fox still putting sprinklers in the ground down there in Webb County? Or probably his son John is running the business now. He used to be on El Pico Rd.
  10. Flow Control

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    I am with you on that. On my proposal NO WHERE does it talk about zones or valves besides the model type. When an owner asks about zones. I tell them I don't price out per a zone and I only price per sprinkler head installed, since a sprinkler head count is more tangible then "zones" atleast in my opinion.

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