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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by BRL, Jun 6, 2003.

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    I'm looking at a job with an existing raised patio area contained in a retaining wall. We will be removing the old wall & installing a paver patio. The irrigation tie in to the house comes out next to the patio area. The bad news is one zone heads away from that area, however the rest of the pipes run under the patio area before splitting off to their seperate zones. The pipe & valve unit that connects to the house actually has pulled away & broken from the house so they haven't used the system for a couple of years. Previous wall was not really constructed correctly, so the whole area has sunk.

    Anyway, I suggested to the client that we get an irrigation contractor in and have the pipes moved beyond the patio area, then out to their respective zones. That way, should there ever be a leak\problem, they would be able to get to them without having to dig up the nice new paver patio? Good idea right? Is it feasible though? In other words, is it possible to make major changes to the pipes lengths & paths & then simply rehook up to the existing zones past the patio area? Or would they have to basically start from scratch? Thanks for any insight. Just trying to get an idea of what to tell the irrigation guys, and what to expect to hear back maybe.

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