Systems to create the best property mgr relationships

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dutchhook, Nov 4, 2008.

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    I'm doing a panel next week in front of townhome associations and property managers. Our topic is Making the Best Vendor/Prop Mgr relationship".
    I wanted to see if there were some good ideas out there that were win/win that would improve our standing as lawn/landscapers?
    I'm definitely going to talk about
    1. Standardizing contracts, or having me look over their present contracts because I've seen some pretty crazy things, some that are 20 years old, Like ordering dacthal applications for crabgrass, etc...

    2. I'm going to ask them to map their sites out, and mark them when they sign the contract and send them back in,

    3. I'm going to ask for notes or newsletters from Townhome Association past meetings so I can find the problem owners/addresses before we start, or even before we bid

    4. I'm going to tell them they need to pay their final invoices when a contract ends, or they could be listed on, or have trouble finding the best contractors.
    Any other good ideas?


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    A clear chain of command in the association with one contact person for the vendor.
    Require your vendors to be professional with the customers.
    Be sure the customers understand the actual scope of the contract, so they don't try to require something of the vendor that is not covered.

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