T-230 keep/sell what's it worth?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawncare3, May 21, 2005.

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    I have a shindaiwa t-230 that is 2 years old. For the past two years it was used on 6 lawns a week. This year it has been used on 20 a week. I want to know what this is worth or do you just suggest I keep it for a backup? I really don't wanna see it go but I need the $. I am really thinking of keeping it. I hate to see it go as it has sentimental value as being my first commercial trimmer out of 12 previous trimmers. :D

    So What would you do?

    Thanks, Chris
  2. MarcSmith

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    As trimmers goes a two year old trimmer might only bring you a hundred bucks, $200 if you are lucky....Keep it for a backup, but Still ose it once a week or better yet set it up with a small brush blade so that way if you ever get a clean up job you got a brush cutter ready to go....

    I have a t230 trimmer and edger and a redmax blower from 1997 for 3 years it saw 100-150 homes a week in Florida.. It has not seen comercial use in 3 years but I use it every week on my home and my neighbors....It will be the last weedy/edger/blower thet I'll ever need....starts first/second pull every time...

    If it works, why not keep it and continue to use it.... rather than sell it...The money you get for it isn't going to bail you out that much....If you are that close to going under 100-200bucks isn't going to make that big of difference in the long run....

    Pull together all of your Stuff you don't use any more (anything that you have not used in 2 years) and sell it. might pick a few hundred bucks on ebay or at a yard sale......
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    KEEP IT. They do NOT make them anymore, and the 231 (replacements) are not as good. As a back up, it will last for-friggin-ever.

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