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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tom_B, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. Tom_B

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    I just bought a Shindaiwa T230XB and man this thing is light and full of power,I moved up from a worn out HomePro Stright shaft that i used to cut around 4 lawns for people ,I do it really cheap to keep coustomers and because i love to cut grass.

    I already took off the stupid Auto Head and put on a Manual that i had on my HomePro and it works way better,I also took of that new style (ugly) cutting attachment shield (always in the way) but may put it back on later but i dont know yet.Im sure am glad i found this site,There is so much info about the 230 and other trimmers and its really helpfull,I cut for 4 prople and Use my JD GT225 and it gets the job done really well.

    I do have one little question,I know this will take a Tornado Blade but how well will it pull this blade?Is it hard on the engine and is it worth the 25.00?

    Thanks in advance.

    Tom B :cool:
  2. Richard Martin

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    Tom_B wrote:
    I do it really cheap to keep coustomers and because i love to cut grass.

    Here's some advice for you. Stop lowballing your competetors, raise your prices to a decent level, get insurance and do a better job of cutting grass than your competetors. If you do a good job of cutting grass you don't need to have really cheap prices to keep your customers. That way you can make lots of money and still do what you love to do.
  3. Tom_B

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    Hey Richard,

    I had thought of that but im pulling in about 100.00 each month for each job so thats about 400 a month and considering all my Equipment is Payed for its all profit plus there all my neighbors so its not even out of my way.It just gives me something to do and its not really about making money (yet that is) .

    I make alot of money Falling Timber with my trusty 372xp cutting wood is first on my list.

    Thanks for the idea's ill keep that in mind when im ready to go Pro. :D
  4. WLC

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    Please continue to read and grow with us here on LS.
  5. Tom_B

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    Dosnt anyone run a Tornado on a t230??
  6. chariot

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    I don't have the tornado blade. I am wondering how you can say that since the equipment is paid for that it is all profit. Who is going to buy you a new mower when the Deere lays down?
  7. Tom_B

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    Well like i said its all profit,I save everything i make.I have Made appx $27,000 in 3 years working for people and im only 19yo and that includes the Grass cutting,I could pay for pretty much any repair or even the replacment of the whole mower but i also have 2 jobs and i save almost 80% of the money i make at them so everything is coverd over here...That is as far as money goes plus i just bought a Polaris SP500H.O. to play with and still have the 27,000 in savings.

    I just love to work,Ill be able to get a Super Z next month with just the Money i make Doing jobs for people on the side.


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