T-25 no spark!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Paradise Yard Service, Oct 20, 2001.

  1. T-25 No Spark
    My t-25 just went out on me. No spark. Checked wires/conectors all seem fine. Changed plug/cleaned the toggle switch w. electro cleaner. Still no action. On last use I noticed it had a hard time shutting off. Took a couple tries on the switch to shut down, now it won't start. Help please, as this ol hummer will rip if it only starts.



    BTW I posted this also on the Repair forum but in hopes of getting widest possible feedback I've posted here also.

    Thanks, again and have a great fall season $$$$$$$!
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    I had trouble with mine not turning off one time, it was a wire in the handle at the switch. I know you said you checked wires I just didn't know if you checked the ones there under the switch or just sprayed cleaner.

    There are two wires going to the switch. Maybe the other one would not allow it to actually be turned on, therefore you think it is on but it is not. Easy to get to, just remove the two screws. Hope this helps.
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    Sounds like a switch problem. Use a volt /ohm meter to trace the wire circuit and verify all safety switches are working properly.
  4. A big mahalo (thanks) for the input. I will give these a shot and see what happens. Thanks again.



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