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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by SHPD, Apr 25, 2013.

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    I have a T-6 Harley Rake for Sale, it is 3 years old and was used to prepare 2 separate lawns for sowing.
    I have also used it a few times at our local Little League field to loosen the brick dust.
    Has all carbide teeth and in excellent working condition.
    It has been used with a Mahindra 3216 HST with 28 PTO HP with no problems.
    Paid $7,200.00 new.
    Will sell for $5,500.00 OBO

    Leave massage and I'll post all pictures you'd like and If interested can video chat to let you see unit working..
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    How wide is it?
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    I'm in Bowling Green and have recently purchased a Kubota B26 with 26hp. I want to buy a Harley rake, but am unsure if my tractor has enough power. Are you close by where I could give yours a try and see if it would work?


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    Still for sale? I know it's been awhile
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