T. Allan Piper Company Announces its Release of the Piper Edger-Vac

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    Introducing the Piper Edger- Vac, the one any only edger on the market today that not only creates crisp, clean edges between your lawn and flower beds, but vacuums up the grass clipping and debris, a mess that other edgers leave behind.

    Manufactured in Mercersburg, PA, the Piper Edger-Vac stands up to the best in its class, featuring a 6.5 horse-powered engine, a four, edged steel blade allowing a cutting depth up to three inches and a vacuum that runs at 8640 RPM’s, all working together to deliver a manicured edge between mulch and flower beds. Clean edges and flower beds create a clear distinction for any landscape to stand out.

    “No other edger on the market today does what the Piper Edger Vac has been created to do; I created it out of necessity for my own lawn”, says Tim Piper, creator of the Piper Edger-Vac, “I got tired of constantly cleaning out my flower beds of the grass clippings and debris other edgers would leave behind. When I edge, I want my landscape to look perfect. That’s why I love the Piper Edger-Vac and I know others will love it too.”

    The Piper Edger-Vac comes with a one year manufactured warranty. T. Allan Piper Company is based in Mercersburg, PA. To purchase or wholesale the Piper Edger-Vac, visit T. Allan Piper Company’s website at www.tallanpipercompany.com to find a dealer or wholesale information, or contact the T. Allan Piper Company directly at 717-498-0116.


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