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T-Bar Conversion???


LawnSite Member
Dallas, Texas
Hello, I have decided to go with a hydro wb, I recently posted about hydro benefits... All of the major hydro units I can get here besides hustler have pistol grips. I am solo and I really don't want carpel tunnel so I was curious if anyone knew how to do a t-bar conversion. I know one member who does but I am curious if anyone else has done any similar work to their wb's. Let me know and thanks a lot! :usflag:

David Gretzmier

LawnSite Gold Member
I cannot imagine the headaches of doing your own engineering for a t-bar outweigh finding a decent used hustler walk behind. I had a toro hydro t-bar, they are kinda twitchy, and cub cadet also made a funky walk behind that is not pistol. also wright stander, great dane and deere make a "ride on" standup, that can be walked behind. they don't use grips, are hydro, and some are out there used. The hustler is the best out there by far. I think it is better to find something already made with the kinks already worked out than try to build something complicated youself. JMHO. good luck.