T-Bar or H-bar?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gulfstreme, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. gulfstreme

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    I'd like to hear opinions from anybody that has used both the Toro T-bar control system and the Hustler H-bar control system. Which one did you like better? I'm planning on getting a 36", 37" hydro wb in the next week or so. I've demoed the exmark and the hustler and expect to hear hear from the toro rep tomorrow. I like the cut on the exmark but the ECS aka "backwards pistol grip" (thats what I call it) system took too much effort in comparison.
  2. mrbenfer

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    I bought a TORO 36'' W/B with the "T" bar....

    I bought a 36" Toro w/b "T BAR" the other day... It was my first commercial mower.. The onlything i dont like about it is that it dosen't stripe as well as i would like it too. I would have to buy a stripeing kit to get good clean stripes. As to the "T BAR" control system, awesome. I've never used exmarks pistol grip system but i would have to say that the "T BAR" takes less work to controll and easier to learn.

    from AL
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    T-Bar's are better on the belts than hydros-too jumpy & tend to divot easily on zero turns.
  4. T bar hydros are horrible to use especially on hills.

    Check out the Hustler see if it does good.
  5. gulfstreme

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    Thats interesting.. because the h-bar system was smooth as silk and never scuffed any turf whatsoever.. and this was the first time I laid hands on one.
  6. T bar and H bar are two different animals.

    T bar = Toro

    H bar = Hustler

    I have to agree with Ultimate "Scrub" Dillrod on the Toro t bar hydros are not so great mowers.
  7. gulfstreme

    gulfstreme LawnSite Member
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    Are you saying T-bar's are horrible on hills compared to the H-bar? Or horrible compared to a belt drive? I'm mainly interested in comparing t-bar vs h-bar, rather than hydro vs belt.
  8. T bar toro hydros' horrible all to gether, belt drive just on hills.

    H bar hustler cannot comment on.
  9. Scag48

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    I have to agree, the Toro T-Bar on hydro is too dang jumpy. I couldn't make a decent 180 degree turn at all with the hydro, therefore making it pointless to invest the extra in hydro when it's very difficult to learn how to make the mower the most productive it could possibly be, by making Z-turns. I can't comment on the H-Bar, though. I do like ECS. I'll admit, it does take some getting used to.
  10. Doc Pete

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    For what it's worth just go try the H bar for a full day. Since it's different you can't get used to it in 5 minutes. Put it this way, if you can't see the advantages of the H bar over ECS or whatever, then frankly you should just buy the ECS. Sorry, to be a bit blunt, but there's just no comparison between the two. Just try to mow or walk backwards with ECS, and then the H bar.

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