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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gibbonsballer10, Jun 1, 2011.

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    I have a toro 30096 t-bar. The steering is off a little bit. When i press the bar all the way in, it wants to peel to the left a little. Any idea how i can fix this issue.
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    O.K I believe it is a floating deck gear drive. I would have to say one of the wheels need grease. My exmark pulled to the left and the left front castor was dry. I would also check your anti scalp wheels, if they are to low and not spinning free, could be a problem. Now to the back of the machine, put a jackstand in the middle, chock front wheels, mark tires with crayon and run it in whatever gear, they should stay about the same. If they do not could be rear hubs dry, shmootz in the v belts, levers out of adjustments(or bent), or a brake hanging up. These are simple machines, but they need constant adjustments to keep at there peak. Good luck in your venture.
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    LOL at that first answer.

    You simply have to adjust the control rods to the belts and brakes. The rod to the tensioner pulley is threaded so you can adjust that, as is the rod to the brakes. It's pretty much common sense. Belts stretch and things get out of adjustment. But there should be instructions in the owners manual. Toro probably has it online somewhere by model number. There is a proceedure to adjust it so that the parking brake still works right.

    This is pretty basic stuff!
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