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Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
I noticed in the POLL thread that you changed your Kohler engines to Kawasaki last summer and then back to Kohler this spring. This is interesting since there are so many Kawasaki fans out here. I have had great luck with the Kohlers. I have both and I've had more problems with the Kawasaki than Kohler and was interested in why you did these changes. Can you elaborate on this? Thanks


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Zone 9
The Kolher motor that I replaced was old and not cared for very well by the previous owner. I bought it years earlier to replace a mower that had been stolen.
As you said, there are alot of Kawasaki fans, I always heard good things so I thought I would give it a try. I think it lasted about one year, this on a 36" mower that is run less than 8 hours a week. I can't remember the problem off hand, but was told that it was common in Kawasaki.

I won't change again, Kohler on my first Dixie still Runs as fast as my 3 year old Dixie.