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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Smallaxe, Sep 15, 2009.

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    The usual application of funny pipe, which would be under two feet of pipe used to connect one head, sees more loss in the fittings. You wouldn't use a fifty foot run of funny pipe to connect a 6 gpm rotor, but you could get away with it for a 1 gpm rotor. But unless the added rotor is located in an absolute dead-end of the yard, sprinkler-wise, using smaller tubing can lead to future grief, if you decide to add yet another head to the zone, extending from the first added head. 3/4-inch poly pipe is cheaper than funny pipe, and isn't all that much harder to dig in.
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    For the Love of God,,,, add a head and lets get on to other things
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    The horse is already dead for a couple of days, and you want to kick it some more? Thanks, Clyde.

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    Here is what I did and it works like it was supposed to. :)

    Slip T over the 1" mainline, which reduced to 1/2". From there ran 1/2" line to new head and hooked it up.
    No loss in pressure or volume, on the original line and this one shoots as far as the others. I wanted to change out the nozzle for lower water stream and distance, but I couldn't see the adjustments that the instructions talked about. So I let it ride - full steam ahead.

    Again thanks - its been fun.
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    Pax vobiscum!
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    Was this 1/2-inch poly? No question it can work, but that pipe size isn't all that common.

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