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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Scag48, Mar 4, 2008.

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    And I'll be back burning diesel, for 4 days anyway. Will at least take a camera and get a few pics of the equipment at the grounds if I can. Should be interesting to see what ends up happening with this first go around, I'm curious to see the skill level as a whole from all of us that will be there. I think they split us into 2 groups, I think there's a group going out on the 17th doing the same thing as I am, I'm the first round out on the 10th though. I believe they take 40-60 apprentices a year and there's another apprentice group that is in the application process right now, same as I was 6 months ago, so I'm assuming there will be 30 of us for this spring's training and another 30 later this fall. I'm going to take a stab and say that next week there will only be 15 of us there and the other 15 will run their go around the following week. As I said, I'm curious to see what actually happens, I've been waiting for this for about 10 months now.

    BTW, I've seen a few pics of the iron at the grounds and they don't run CASE, IUOE 302 knows what's up :laugh: :weightlifter: I know there's Hitachi, Deere, Cat, and Kobelco hoes, a couple Cat scrapers, looks like maybe a D5C or G, D6H, and an 8R, couple Cat backhoes, 2 Cat graders, Dynapac roller, couple wheel loaders that look to be Deere or Cat.
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    Well good luck. I got my letter for the interview today but doubt that I am getting in.
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    6 days until i'm soaking up the sun on a cruise to Mexico :drinkup::cool2:

    good luck man...i would love to be burning oil all day right now, i have to wait until May 12th though when my semester ends and i FINALLY get back to work...just talked to my boss today, they'll be keeping me plenty busy between hogging dirt and jamming gears

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