T&r Apts Canceled Contracts

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GREG R, Jan 24, 2002.

  1. GREG R

    GREG R LawnSite Member
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    Just recieved a letter from T&R properties that they are canceling
    all contracts with local contractor because of " big Green " has
    made them a better offer. This is for all 28 apt complexs in mich, ind, ohio and ky. We were maintaining 3 sets and had a contract
    for the up coming year but there was a 30 day out clause.

    Anyone else take care of any of these properties? We have found out that Big Green hasn't even turned in bids on some of these
    properties. So I called a district manager and offered a bid on
    a larger area of properties but will need contractors in other states or regions. Contracts include full service lawn and landscape. If anyone is currently maintaining any of these properties. please post a reply and I,ll give you my e-mail
  2. The Good Earth

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    If you have any down Columbus way, I'm in. Just love sticking it to those boys. Shoot, T&R will be ticked off halfway through the contract anyway and looking for a way out.
  3. GREG R

    GREG R LawnSite Member
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    Good to hear a reply from someone. There are 19 properties
    in the columbus area. I'll keep you posted on the discussions
    I am having with them. My e-mail is gregrumple@cs.com if
    you have any direct questions. The last meeting with them
    was about time frame (that we are running out of time on
    ordering supplies and labor arrangements) We had cancelled all
    orders on mulch and flowers because of the cancellation of the contracts that were signed nov 1 2001. I'll keep you posted!!
  4. cuttingedgelawncare

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    what props in ky are available???? just curious what city
  5. cormierlawn

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  6. plow kid

    plow kid Banned
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    I am up in Nw Ohio/ Toledo, I dont know if T&R properties are up here but if there is a (couple) I'd go in on it with ya, ~NaTe
  7. Sam Grinold

    Sam Grinold LawnSite Member
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    Where is Tand R properties headquartered ?
  8. GREG R

    GREG R LawnSite Member
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    thier are office is in columbus ohio
    I haven't recieved all of their property listings
    but will be talking to the district manager on thursday

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