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  1. workinallthetime

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    everyone talks about flyers, signs, mail box rapeing, word of mouth but what about simple t-shirts. We all have to wear something while we mow and blow so why not spend a little money on a few t-shirts with our company logo on it and wear it while we work? Get a nice light color so we can stay cool and big lettering so people next door know who we are and who to call the cops on. Makes us look like pro's not joe's and keeps us from wasting good clothes.
    just an idea im looking into this week to see how much 5-10 would cost
  2. sildoc

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    If you searched at all you would have seen that this has been mentioned a lot. Most of the pros here use t's. cheap and a write off.
    bought 24 t's 2 sweat shirts 5 hats and 2 jackets this winter for 350. t's run about 100 a dozen screen printed.
  3. Big M LawnnSnow

    Big M LawnnSnow LawnSite Member
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    I buy all my guys Tees and sweats.
    It looks more professional on the job and it's a write off.
  4. Sandgropher

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    Dont forget a cap to go with the tees , embroided with your company name.
  5. supercuts

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    we wear t's just to be profession and uniformed, i dont think its really a form of advertisement nor do i recall it being the way we ever got a new customer. likewise, i think the name on the trailer is only good for name recognition, ive never had anyone call and say they sawy the truck/trailer and needed work, we do get "walk ups" often, maybe because we do look very professional
  6. ubirajara83

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    i payed 60 for 12
  7. Budget

    Budget LawnSite Senior Member
    from Pa.
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    I am waiting on my sirts. They said two weeks and today is a week.
  8. Wells

    Wells LawnSite Member
    from SLC UT
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    We've always worn t-shirts with the company logo on them. Here is a pic of one of them We have them printed in White, Navy Blue, Sport Grey, Red, Forest Green, Light Blue and Pink for the ladies. We also do the hoddie sweatshirts, jackets, and beanies.

    If you notice in the pic our older shirts had the company phone number on them and I have since gone away from printing it on the shirts.

  9. toac

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    i ordered 2 from zazzle.com on friday (3/9) and they shipped out the same day. supposed to be here on thursday. just hope the quality is there.
  10. DBL

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    looks good but stay away from white they get dirty so easy

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