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  1. Lunchesrus

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    I am new to the site, and I have to agree that a uniformed worker is going to get noticed alot quicker than a non uniformed worker. It makes your company look more professional and gives the impression that you care about appearances. It has been my experience that looking more professional while doing the work, you will attract people that have more money to spend. I can't tell you how many times a next door neighbor of a customers house approached me or some one on my crew to ask about services for thier home. When we first started, none of us wore uniforms. Being approached did not happen very much until we started wearing uniforms. By uniforms I am refering to wearing a shirt with your company logo on it. We have ours on the back as large as can be seen. Seems to work well for us.
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    I wear company T-Shirts as well. And hoodie, and have magnets on the truck. I agree that even if it don't bring me business in, it is still good to look professional.
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    Wearing and giving out shirts with your logo looks more professional and for me it is just a part of the "total package" that includes websites (my new one is in the works as we speak) newspaper ads, truck & trailer signs with my logo on them....plaster your company's name and logo everywhere. It may not get you immediate business but when someone needs work done your company will be fresh on their minds.......JMO
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    we have a local lco in are area who seems to be doing pretty good. about 4+ workers and none of them wear a uniform. so ill have to agree with punt, who cares!
    When you give an estimate it would be a plus to dress up a bit. i wear a green polo shirt and khaki pants.
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  5. phil_peek

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    I have to say that I agree with whats been said. I dont think they really matter, but at the same time add a little something. All I ever do is wear a shirt with the logo and a hat with the logo. That is my "uniform." At first I thought it would be for advertising, and it may have helped, but I dont think it did much. Now I realize it really helps for not looking like some idiot who doesnt know what he is doing, but also keeping work clothes work clothes and good clothes good clothes. I have a bad habit of working on the car in my good clothes and ruining them. Having a uniform keeps that from happening.

    I do think the professionalism aspect is something this industry really needs. People need to see legitimate businesses out there, and this is one way to do it. The more professional you look, the more you help yourself and the business.

    Keep working my friends!
  6. HydroTerra

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    Where do you guys get your shirts from? is it a local shop, or online...any websites i should look into, or maybe even avoid....and just for poops n laughs, what does the average shirt, hoodie, hat cost....thanks, Josh
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    If your near myrtle beach i would try this place. ive only heard the best things about them. let me know if you use them. http://www.budgetsignsmb.com/
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    I will deff look into that site newjerseylandscaping, thanks for looking out.....i have a friend that used a local shop, they wanted $35 + shirt for embroidery, and $50/shirt screen printed.... i will get back to you on that site, Thanks:cool2:
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    Here is why you have to be careful who you give your shirts too and where they wind up.

    I get my shirts from a local shop. I think the short sleeve were $6.50 and the long sleeve were $8.50. They do charge a 1 time set up fee of $25.
  10. HydroTerra

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    Wow....thanks for looking out, yea the LAST thing i need starting out is for my shirts to end up on the nightly news :hammerhead: , I will deff have to look around town for a better deal than what my friend payed, I thought that was a little high for some simple shirts......See i would like to have some nice Polo's and Fleece's made for myself and some simple shirts for my guys, so I have set aside $200 for all my company logo Tee's, Shirts, and Hats for next year....hoping to have them inby the New Year......got two big jobs starting Jan 3rd.....

    Do any of you guys use CAD to help design your shirts too, or just leave that to the shirt people?

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