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  1. Jims Lawncare

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    Shirts will be ready this week, talked to him today..I'll post pics when I get them.
  2. newjerseylandscaping

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    Did you get the shirts?
  3. Lefet

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    we've used www.queensboro.com and have been pleased.

    we use multiple shirts, one color polo for estimates, another color polo for outings, tee's and so on. No, we havne't gotten any business YET, but I believe in the branding process. Between my OCD and military background, EVERYTHING has to be uniform.
  4. jsslawncare

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    I'm solo and me, my wife and the my 3 kids wear them, only my son works with me during the summer. It just looks good. I even wear a matching hat.
  5. HydroTerra

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    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.:clapping: I decided to stay local and went to Charleston Cotton Exchange and am very pleased with the overall product, (pix to come later) I hope this message finds everyone busy busy busy, :dizzy: lord knows I've been, home after dark & tired as a dog, but its gratifying:D
  6. shop's lawn

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    Jim- can you post contact info as well. thanks
  7. MR-G

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    the average residential client may not care about uniforms..but looking more professional will command a higher price due to the perception you are more serious about your business...it also helps greatly when trying to get into the commercial/ hoa markets...indirectly, uniforms will help you in getting "better" clients...if any of our employees show up to work without the uniform we send them home....for us its a must.....

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