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  1. LHSlawnman86

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    I am thinking of having t-shirts made up and i was thinking what to put on them. i thought just a name a slogan and a number would do. i appreciate any input.
  2. pema

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    I had T Shirts made this year for a few customers. Sent out Cards to all, but for the "FEW" who stood above the rest by paying their bills on time got a T-shirt and a note of appreciation explaining why they were chosen to receive the gift.

    Just had the logo put on the upper chest area. They shirts cost me 7$ a piece and if I get 2 new accounts because someone saw my customer wearing one it will pay for the whole batch. Further, I hope it encourages all to pay on time since many of the people who got shirts Live next door to one's who didn't.
  3. Green Dreams

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    I am lucky as I am bartering with a t-shirt place. I'm getting golf shirts, rugby shirts, caps, baseball jackets and long sleeved t-shirts...
  4. Lux Lawn

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    I am also luck my dad's wife does my shirts at cost.
  5. toxic man

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    I think the best application for the use of give away t-shirts is to give them away to the people in your industry who use your services. Like me, for instance, I am in the application business and give t-shirts away to any lawn care contractor I can find. I give them the t and a brochure about my services. LCO's will wear anything especially for work and we are always on their mind. As well as anyone who sees the shirt. So, if you are going to give a shirt away, give it to the people in the industry, they will wear it and that is a great application for a shirt!

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  6. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Ok if I understand the post you are looking for just a slogan. Check out a sponsor here they have alot of ideas and the prices seem fair to me. I have never used them so I cant comment good or bad about them, http://www.getyourlandscapeshirts.com/?ls2
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    Hi LHSlawnman86,

    Did you happen to see our how to article on making your own t-shirts? Here is the link.

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