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t200 heater problems

all ferris

LawnSite Bronze Member
belleville IL
I just took delivery of a 2002 t200 bobcat. I traded in my 863, which had a cab and heat also but it was a f series cab. The 863 heater would get warm when the temperature guage got into the normal running temp range. The t200 heater does not blow any hot air even when the machine is up to temp. I put the cab up and noticed some sort of a electric solenoid or valve in line on one of the heater hoses and the 863 did not have this. anyone know why the heater will not work? The a/c works great but I need the heat for pushing snow.


LawnSite Fanatic
That solenoid valve is what lets the coolant flow through the heater core.
Use a test light or multimeter and test for both power and ground to the solenoid, If both are present then replace the valve. But a manual valve can be purchased at a auto parts store to take the place of that High dollar solinoid. If you do not have power or ground check for a blown fuse and trace the wires back to the switch.
Good luck