T260B with bad vibes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ShakinMD, May 19, 2005.

  1. ShakinMD

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    Howdy experts, I just acquired a new (but last years) Shindaiwa T260B. Seems like a very well-made machine, and it may even have the 1.4 hp it claims, BUT - at anything above fast idle, it vibrates more than I expected, at full throttle a lot more. My only standard of comparison is the Homelite electric-start curved-shaft model I have been using, which did not viibrate enough to notice, whereas this Shin, which I expected to be a Cadillac, is leaving my hands tingling after a half-hour. Is this typical for this model? I tried the Speed-load head, and it is a little better, but even without any line in (to keep the head as balanced as possible), still lots o' vibe.
    I guess its a good thing Shin has that 7 day return policy, but I'm surprised given the reviews I have read here.

    Thanks for any insights.
  2. jgtxusa

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    We have a lot of the t260s and t261s and never have had one complaint from my guys. We are phasing all trimmers to the t261s as our t230s get stolen and flat love them. Check the dealer to get another machine, because I beleive that is the best trimmer made hands down.
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    Could just be that you have a bad apple. In my opinion, SHindaiwa is, indeed, the cadillac of line trimmers and all equipment for that matter. They actually offer the one to 2 years warranty on it. I have had a partner who bought his used but since it was that year's model the place still fixed it as if it were in warranty. Could be anything, man. Bad head, bent stick, anything could throw it off...it doesnt take much to do it. But if it is a recent model you should have no problem getting the probelm fixed or replaced for free.

  4. pagefault

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    Mine did the same thing. Turns out that the blade wasn't on right. Try realigning the blade and if that doesn't fix it, try replacing the blade.

    Never mind. I'm thinking edgers. You're talking about a trimmer.

    I'm stumped.
  5. ShakinMD

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    Thanks guys, that confirms my earlier impression that this ought to be better. I'll take it back to the dealer and see what they think, I hate to give it up. I do wonder what Shin did to get the extra .1 hp in the "limited edition", as I note the manual calls for 40:1 gas/oil mix.
  6. jgtxusa

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    We have one that is limited, but i did not know until now that it has more power. They are all nice and Ive never noticed the difference, with the exception of the sound. It sounds like it may have a little more throat. One of my guys noticed that from day one. Good luck. We dont really even have a knowledgeable dealer here in my area. Dont need one either. Just buy it and they dont seem to break.
  7. ShakinMD

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    Being a physicist, and curious by nature, I decided to remove the string from the Speed-Load head and see if the bare head would reduce the shake. A little, but still not great, but I noticed that the lower part of that head could wobble a little even when the head was on tight. So I removed the head and just replaced the bolt (to hold the A/B holders on the shaft). Presto! Smooth! I then put the original tap-head on, making sure to seat it solid hand-tight against the B holder. Still pretty smooth! Thinking back, I realize that I didn't check the head when I picked it up from the dealer, and when I removed it to put the Speed-Load head on, it wasn't tightly seated. Put two tanks of gas through it today, and the vibration level never reached 'tingle', so I think I will keep it, and try to mod the Speed-Load head to be less wobbly.

    I do still wonder, having read some more, whether the Redmaxes are any smoother. How about it, you guys who have used both?

    By the way, this thing has impressive power cutting weeds, what the heck do you guys with much more powerful trimmers use em for?

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